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CV & Portfolio :


I am an experienced art department junior, currently available for work from 2024.

My interest in the Art Department stems from a love of visual storytelling and spatial design, which I developed throughout my degree in Architectural History.

Now looking to further my draughting skills, as well as my hands on experience, where I hope my period knowledge, research skills and problem solving might come in to use. 

My credits include Batgirl (Warner Brothers), The Son (SeeSaw Films), and The Responder (BBC1/Dancing Ledge).

I have worked in London, Liverpool and Glasgow, and am happy to relocate as necessary.


You can download a

copy of my CV here:

(up to date portfolio with

unreleased project work

available at request)

Georgie Hewitt Line.png
Georgie Hewitt Line.png




- Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign

- Freehand perspective drawing

- White card model making

- Visual research skills & period knowledge


April'22-              OUTLANDER, Series 7 (Warner Brothers)                              Production Designer: Mike Gunn

present               Junior Draughtsman                                                              Sup. Art Director: Moley Campbell 

       Assistant Art Director

       -  Assistant Art Director for a block in Liverpool, overseeing 4 locations, including a large exterior street & market,                            with set build elements.

      -  Produced all intentions, and co-ordinated required drawings.

      -  Hand and CAD drawings.

Oct'21-Feb'22     BATGIRL (Warner Brothers)                                                     Production Designer: Christopher Glass

                              Art Department Assistant                                                    Sup. Art Director: Nigel Evans

      - Draughting window and door details and cover ups

      -  Produced comprehensive location plans

      -  White card model making

June-Oct'21       THE SON (SeeSaw Films)                                                         Director: Florian Zeller

                              Art Department Assistant                                                    Prod. Designer: Simon Bowles

      - Location surveys and draughting plans

      -  Producing SketchUp models of sets for the designer to use

      -  Visual research, investigating the architecture and graphics of the setting

Jan-June '21       THE RESPONDER   (BBC One / Dancing Ledge Productions)    Director: Tim Mielants

                              Art Department Assistant                                                    Prod. Designer: John Stevenson

      - Surveying and draughting location plans on CAD

      -  Working to scripts to produce break downs and assist with visual research

      - Assisting with general department organisation, including colour break downs

2020                     ISOLATION   (Kayfabe)                                                          Director: Ian Pons Jewell

                              Concept Graphics (dailies)                                                  Prod. Designer: Robin Brown

      - Produced concepts for graphics, including layout ideas,

         illustrations and working with copy.

      - Worked to the Production Designer's brief and made amendments

         promptly to align with the director's vision.


2020                     REWIND BRITAIN   (Somesuch Productions)                           Director: Leo Leigh

                              Art Department Assistant                                                    Prod. Designer: Mairi Claire Bowser

      - Assisted with the dressing and striking of location sets

      - Assisted with standby props on shoot, acting promptly to fulfil  requests

      - Produced and sourced graphic and action props


2020                    MENTORING WITH GARY TOMKINS

                             Resource Productions, Creative Collective                                                    

       - Gary kindly worked with me over a number of weeks to offer feedback on my portfolio, guidance with draughting and               industry conventions, and advice on how to further prepare my skillset for junior Art Dept roles.

2020                    ART DIRECTION FOR FILM & TELEVISION (Certificate in Draughting)                        

                             Film Design International, Pinewood Studios                                                    

       -  Trained in hand draughting for film and HETV, including working to camera angles, creating camera projection 2-  point             perspective sketches from plans and elevations and drawing in forced perspective.

       -  Also covered budgeting, location surveys and script breakdowns.                                                 

2019                    SET DESIGN FOR FILM & TELEVISION                       

                             Central St Martins                                                    

      -  Course covering scale models, script breakdowns and visual research.

2014-2018          MA (HONS) ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY & HISTORY OF ART                      

                             The University of Edinburgh & The University of Pennsylvania    

       -  First Class Honours

       -  Awarded the Huntley MacDonald Sinclair Dissertation Prize

       -  Extensive experience researching visual material, including primary architectural sources


2019 - 2020       SHALINI MISRA INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE STUDIO                      

                             Freelance Artist & Researcher                                                   

       -  I produce free hand perspective drawings of interior spaces, for client use as early stage concept visualisations.

       -  I have also carried out research, sourcing potential suppliers for a range of materials and services.

2018 - 2019       HUGH WOOLDRIDGE (Theatre Director & Producer)                         

                            Production Assistant                                                   

      Worked on a large scale West End production, & smaller charitable productions:

      -  Carrying out runner duties on busy production days & on promotional shoots

      -  Was responsible for all daily administration of the office, including calls

      -  Co-ordinated the creation of marketing materials and printing specifications

      -  Provided personal assistance in a wide variety of tasks and odd-jobs

2019                   THE ONSLOW ARMS


2014 - 2017       HURTWOOD HOUSE SUMMER SCHOOL                     

                            Assistant Director                                                  

      -  Responsible for the logistics and administration of a residential school with 100+ students

      -  Happily working long hours in a high paced and changeable environment, requiring excellent time management and                  organisation.

Full Clean Driving Licence

- Hand drafting

- Location surveys

- AutoCAD

- SketchUp

Georgie Hewitt Line.png
Georgie Hewitt Line.png
Georgie Hewitt Line.png
Georgie Hewitt Line.png
Georgie Hewitt Line.png
Georgie Hewitt Line.png
Georgie Hewitt Line.png
Georgie Hewitt Line.png
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